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How’s it going?

Well, we’ve now been around a while and have started to find a footing in this world of Psion sitedom. We’ve brought you news and going’s on in the Psion world, and, while not comprehensive, I feel we’re doing a good job so far. The site has been redesigned already, by yours truly, and I think that has been a success, even if I do say it myself.

We’ve also done a few more reviews, which we feel adds to the site, giving you something to look at when you’ve finished with the news. Then there’s the wallpapers, an ever expanding section filled to the brim with pictures to adorn your Psion’s screen.

And finally, we’ve launched the Indigestion, our e-mail newsletter. This is also going well, and now has close to a hundred subscribers. Now all we’ve got to do is keep thinking up the content for it…

As long as you keep coming, we’ll keep serving it up. Enjoy as usual,


Two new reviews!

Check out the reviews section for reviews of the PalmTec Series5 soft case (yes another case review) and of the colourful PalmTec replacement Series5 stylii. Reviews page

delusional : 00:00:00 : 4/4/01

Sorry to see it go...

Sad to see it leave for the great wide world out there. I hope you like it.

delusional : 00:00:00 : 4/4/01

Finally, an 'on-bike' kit for Psions

Following the success of the ‘in-car’ adapter for Psions, allowing users to use their Psions whilst on the move, a seemingly unknown company, has released the first kit allowing you to use your Psion whilst cycling. This device allows your Psion to draw its power from a small dynamo which attaches to your front or rear tyre and, when connected to a mobile phone, allows full internet access, giving you the oportunity to read and write your emails whilst biking down to the corner shop!

Inertia : 05:06:09 : 1/4/01

Try a different OS on your Psion?

If you’ve noticed that things have been an iccle bit quiet recently, its probably because Ive been doing some work for the PsiLinux Project which, you guessed it - is an installation of Linux for the Psion. Anyhow, the new, albeit a little unfinished, website at http://linux-7110.sourceforge.net/ – my small contribution!

Anyhow, if you think Im sending you there just ‘cos the new site is up, you’re wrong.. I was merely getting despirate when trying to find excuses and reasons to mention this excellent project! It’s well worth a look, especially as Linux now works on the Series 5mx.. with work in progress to port it to both the Revo and Series 7 too!

Inertia : 09:28:36 : 29/3/01

Look to the right...

Yup, that’s right… you should now be looking at the Indigestion subscription box. Well I guess first things first; if you ain’t subscribed yet, stick your email address in the box and make sure you dont miss another issue! Anyhow, back to what I was actually pointing out. Notice anything different? Nope, well, look at the submit button… Still nothing? Oh well, I guess I’d better tell you… I finally managed to get round to working out how to do flat buttons… YAY!

Today flat buttons… Tomorrow the World!

Inertia : 10:26:37 : 27/3/01

More Wallpapers

Check out the Wallpaper Page soon… We’ve just uploaded a total of seven new pieces of art! - Give you Psion some style.

Inertia : 00:40:24 : 3/2/01

Zip Manager 1.0

This morning, when I discovered about this iccle gem, I went straight to the website and grabbed it. Its brilliant. A zip program for the Psion has been available from RMR software for some time and, I have tried it on a number of occasions but never felt quite comfortable. I guess it really depends what your looking for. RMRZip offers the chance to save in a different, Psion specific format. - A feature which may be perfect for some users. For me, Zip Manager is a much less cluttered app which offers just the features I need. Anyhow - I should let you make your own minds up… Take a look… (http://www.epocware.com/zip.html)

Inertia : 10:20:09 : 31/1/01

Mah Jongg is updated!

Mah Jongg is one of those games I’ve never understood, and probably never will! That said, if I actually took the time to work out what exactly I was supposed to do, I’d probably love it. - I’m odd like that!

Anyhow, for all of you who understand the game - or wanna try a new one.. Author Adrian Collister has released version 1.11. Take a look… (http://pages.eidosnet.co.uk/~a.collister/mahjongg.htm)

Inertia : 10:10:50 : 31/1/01

Graph32 hits version 2.0

I’ve never been a fan of graphing on my Psion. Ive always put it down to the length of time my Series 5 Original takes to plot the graphs. This little app might change all that. Version 2.0 of Graph 32 now boasts 3D surfaces - a feature which I have never seen in a windows app!

Take a look… (www.freepoc.org)

Inertia : 13:03:08 : 29/1/01

PsiDat 1.08 is released

Kevin Millican (http://kevin.millican.net) has again been busy, this time releasing version 1.08 of his PsiDat program. It provides a way to browse and edit all OPL DBMS data files.

PsiDat includes more features than you can shake a stick at, so I’m not about to start listing them here, but if your interested, take a look at one of the websites mentioned.

Provided by EpocZone.

Inertia : 23:41:53 : 28/1/01

Look up...

Just above this post. That link there means that you can now post your own news items to the site. Go on – have a go… you know you want to :).

Inertia : 10:56:56 : 28/1/01

SIBO has its benefits...

Now that SIBO is no longer the focus platform for most developers, owning a 3c or similar can be quite beneficial as you’ll find many shareware apps are now available as freeware. EMCC, publishers of ‘Programming Psion Computers’, the bible of Psion programming [in my opinion], have taken this viewpoint, with their SIBO applications now being available as freeware. I was also impressed that they still offer the software on SSDs at a reduced price of 3.50 GBP! Take a look…

Inertia : 06:03:07 : 28/1/01

Retro Games

Simon Quinn, of Palmtime, has again been busy porting. New to hit the EPOC scene, are Hugo v2.5.03a, Level9 v.20, Magnetic v1.0 and TADS v.2.5.5. These applications are text based adventure interpreters, in line with Simon’s previous release of FrotzS5 which offered Infocom adventure support. The four new apps provide readers for the corresponding formats. For more information, go to EpocZone.

Provided by EpocZone.

Inertia : 02:22:52 : 28/1/01

You speak English?

OK, so when I read over the last post I realised that I don’t! Or I can’t write it at least…

What I meant to say was that a new version of MenuS5 has been released. This offers an improved printing function and Italian language support. For more information, go to EpocZone.

Inertia : 02:08:09 : 28/1/01

MenuS5 is now available in Italian!

MenuS5, which is a ‘lanucher’ application, providing a base from which you can run applications, documents and folders, has been updated to version 2.4. This release offers an improved ‘print’ function along with a version in Italian.

More Information

Provided by EpocZone

Inertia : 01:53:52 : 28/1/01

Ultimate PDA

We’d all be out of a job if a machine like this existed. That said, you can tell from the fact this was posted on the Dilbert website that the author has little confidence in its existance!

Lazy Entrepreneur (www.dilbert.com)

Inertia : 12:05:38 : 26/1/01

You write the news

If you have any news you’d like in this section of the site, such as program releases and the like, drop us a mail at [email protected].

Inertia : 23:12:51 : 24/1/01

Good news for SIBO lovers

For all of you out there who prefer the traditional approach of SIBO and find it more efficient, I have just been informed that POS (www.posltd.com) have a fresh stock of reconditioned Series 3mxs.

On a more general note, its worth brusing the dust of that Series 3x and starting get back into it. They may be out of superceeded now – but they’re still little gems of technology!

Inertia : 12:22:40 : 24/1/01

This is just a test... do not adjust your computer monitor

Hi All, This is just a test which hopefully not too many people will see… the sorta thing that makes us look really unprofessional – but hey! If you can see this, the new build of weblogger and all of its settings are working and Psionstyle is nearly ready to swing into action!

Inertia : 15:14:47 : 23/1/01

EPOC to be renamed

The OS we all know and love as EPOC is going to have it’s name changed to the rather less easy on the tongue ‘The Symbian OS’. Well, I think we should think of an abbreviation – I suggest ‘SymbOS’. Get thinking, and if enough of us refer to it as that, we could set a standard:)

delusional : 06:14:22 : 25/10/00

Psion Partner with Diamond

Psion have announced a partnership with Diamond to release the Diamond Mako in the USA. It will be a rebranded RevoPlus, and will feature the same applications and feature set, although we are unsure if it will ship with the Opera browser.

View the press release at www.psion.co.uk.

delusional : 05:37:00 : 25/10/00

New Psion Site!

And guess what? You’re looking at it right now. We think you’ll have heard it all before, but we are aiming to be a news site for Psion and compatible machines, such as the GeoFox. We are aiming to also provide reviews of new (and past) software, as well as hint and tips on how to use your Psion better.

delusional : 11:30:00 : 7/10/00


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