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Why Are We Here?

As mentioned on the homepage, we’re here to keep you abreast of news in the Psion world, between issues of Palmtop and YourEPOC.

We started the site because we were amazed to find that there didn’t seem to be a general Psion news site around the place. We found plenty of EPOC sites, but these are aimed at only EPOC machines (really? You’d never guess on your own would you?). We also stumbled across RevoWorld, which (again a no brainer) was excellent, but only if you owned a Revo…and so it continued, so we decided we’d take it upon ourselves to create a site for all you Psion needs (nearly - we can’t actually buy you one, but we might well be able to point you in the right direction!)

And Just Who Are We?

PsionStyle are delusional (Mike) and inertia (Jason). To tell you more we’ve each written a bit about ourselves.



So you want to know about me, do you?

Well, I was only recently initiated into the world of Psion. I’ve known Jason for a few years, and therefore known of the existence of Psions, as his never left his side, but I wasn’t really a user until I made the mistake of asking to borrow Jason’s 3c. That move was bad, as it is sure to result in some of the money that should go towards the ‘make PC lightening fast’ fund going towards Psion stuff…oh well, such is the way of the world.

Apart from Psion, I also play guitar (mainly electric) and squash. I mess around with my PC on a more than daily basis, and have coded several PC apps, including the infamous ShellON, mentions in several PC magazines, including PCFormat, which I was especially shocked by as I subscribe to them.

Enjoy the site,


[email protected]

Currently owns: Revo

Wants: Nokia 3310 or 8210


Well, you probably don’t want to know about me but tough, you’re gonna find out!

As Mike says, my Psion never leaves my side, except, that is, on the odd occasion when I actually decide to use it. In such an event, it becomes quite impracticable to type whilst my Series 5 is still attached to my belt by means of my Palm-Tec holster…

I have been a supporter of Psion ever since I discovered the Series 3 and have a wide range of their machines. Having said that, I’m still on the hunt for any of the MC400 series, and have yet to work out why Palmtop seem determined not to make reference to the illusive Series 3s in their ‘History of Psion’ feature…

When Psions are out of the picture (which is rarely) I follow my other passions of playing the piano and trumpet… and teaching canoeing… and school, though I wouldn’t quite describe that as a passion… oh and I program for Neuon, though you might have to wait for a while to find out what it is I’m writing. Hint: This website uses it!

Have Fun! :)


[email protected]

Currently owns: Series 5, Series 3c, a classic Series 3, Siena, and more accessories than you can shake a stick at.

Wants: Whatever Psion release next.

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