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**:Between a Rock and a (Revo) Hard Case:

</font>** In which **delusional** gets a bodyguard for his **Revo**.

First impressions

The Revo Shell Hard Case is a Revo version of the popular Series 5 hard case. It comes in a similar range of colours, and offers a consistently good level of protection. There are differences though, and so we’ve had a look at one to see if we like it.

Inertia has a Series 5 case, so one of the first things we noticed is the case looks better. It is smaller and has a more curved appearance [ahem! there’s no need to rub it in – Inertia]. This gives away the design approach of PalmTec: base the case on the machine. It’s a good tactic, as it ensures that the machine will fit snugly into the case. However, I still wouldn’t say the case will be seen on the catwalks anytime soon!

Do you offer protection?

Even at a glance the case looks sturdy, and when you pick it up it feels as if it could take quite a punishment before giving up the ghost.

This impression holds up under closer inspection. The basic fact is that this case offers superb protection for the Revo. The outer casing is made from ABS plastic, with a layer of inner padding that ensures the Revo doesn’t receive shock damage when dropped or knocked. The case will easily hold up to the trials of everyday use, keeping your Revo safe and intact. Not really much more to say. It does the main job of a case very well indeed. [Ahhh, but will yours knock nails in?! – Inertia]

How does the Revo like it?

As I mentioned, the design of the case means that the Revo is held snugly in the case. The shape of the case means that the padding is of a uniform thickness, so the Revo is subject to a uniform pressure all round. The padding fits so well that the machine stays put even when you shake the case. If the case is open, the padding around the sides means the Psion doesn’t leap out if you knock it.

It’s also easy to use the Revo whilst in the case (well, as long as the case is open…); although some compromises have had to be made due to the way the machine expands when you open it. There are two methods I’d recommend. The first is to bridge the hinge with the Revo. This has obviously been thought of when the case was being designed, as the Revo is very stable in this position. You can also allow the keyboard to slide out over the front of the case, and a gap in the rim has been left for this purpose. This is also a very stable way to use the machine ‘in-situ’. Which you use really depends on how you feel at the time; I seem to randomly change between the two.

Any hidden extras?

Well, you get a screen cleaner, which I keep in the case as it ‘sticks’ to the inside by some mechanism. It appears to just stay there, as there is no special fixing. Strange but useful. There is also a pocket on the inside of the case where you can store business cards and so on, although it’s not recommended you keep credit cards there, as the Revo generates magnetic fields which could damage the cards.

Anyway, so what’s the final verdict?

The Shell Hard Case offers perhaps the best combination of price to performance. It offers excellent protection, and at a very reasonable price. My only quibble is that the Revo has to be removed from the case to get at the stylus. I’d suggest a cutaway to store the stylus, maybe an extra holder for it in the card pocket. Aside from that, the case is pretty perfect. <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" width="347"> <tr> <td colspan="2" width="45" valign="top">PalmTec</td> </tr> <tr> <td rowspan="2" width="45" valign="top"></td> <td rowspan="2">

  • Protection of the highest degree.

  • Brilliant value.

  • Still isn’t a fashion accessory…

  • …but it isn’t intended to be.


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