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The Palmtec 5(mx) Colour Stylus Pen Set

In which Rob gets some stylii, and is pleased with all the pretty colours.

Disclaimer : As Rob’s not a part of the team, we just agreed to post the review, we’d just like to say that this doesn’t necessarily reflect our views. All legal threats, death threats and general nastiness should be aimed at the author. Oh, and we suppose good stuff can be as well. The address can be found at the bottom of the review.

Why, oh, why?

When you’ve accessorised to the limit, bought a brand spanking new colourful case and matching cover for your Psion, all to keep ahead of that annoying rich geek, who claims his Psion is the best invention since the pocket calculator, you might consider blinding him with a selection of brightly coloured styluses to perfect your chosen style. They are the crowning glory to any Psion, if you want the height of cool, a colour coded Psion stylus is the way to go, stand out in that crowd! If you are fishing around it is well worth checking out what Palmtec have to offer.

The Low Down

Unfortunately for all you stylists out there there seems to be a big problem with their moulding process. There is a slight offset between the lower and upper half of the styluses rendering them with a highly abrasive tip which is highly likely to scratch your screen unless you are very careful. There is an easy way to indicate this without touching your screen, simply running them over a piece of paper emphasises the difference when compared with the standard issue Psion stylus.

The other unmistakable feature is the way they seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to a cocktail stirrer (hence the picture), sorry Palmtec. At almost a fiver for a set of three they are expensive, but that’s the price you pay for style. They are by no means the most expensive replacement styluses out there but the colourful selection does not outweigh the need for higher quality.

Nevertheless the nice people at Palmtec provide an asset to any product.


  • Stylish look
  • Less expensive than most.
  • Liable to scratch.
  • Cocktail stirrer.
  • Have a closer look at PalmTec's site.

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